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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  June 6, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> dana: i'm not going to be here tomorrow. bob and i will not be together. >> bob: special report is next. >> chris: white house faces a new a new controversy, government snooping on your phone records. this is special report. >> chris: good evening, i'm chris wam as in for bret baier. political debate over the balance of privacy and security is being waged on a new front tonight. the obama administration is defending its need to collect telephone records of ordinary citizens like you who are not suspected of any wrongdoing. privacy advocates are crying foul. we have team coverage, jim angle says the government is running amok.
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and mr. obama can't get away from thinks troubles but we begin with katherine heritage, your phone and your government. >> reporter: tonight we are waiting for a response from the nsa on the depth of the collection program. one of the leaks is the program has expanded under president obama. >> the court order first obtained by a british newspaper indicates the f.b.i. and nsa created sweeping authority to collect records from verizon between april and july of this year. during a previously scheduled hearing, eric holder insisted that congress was not in the dark about the program. he can't say much publicly because it's highly classified. >> with all due respect i don't think it's an appropriate setting for me to discuss the issue. >> verizon told the employees that if the company were to receive such an order we would be ordered to comply.
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neither sprint nor at&t would comment, aclu says they accept all major carriers. >> there is every reason to believe that the government has similar areas for other telephone companies and perhaps more troublingly and also internet companies. >> the leadership confirmed the court order was a reauthorization for a longstanding program. >> this is essentially renewed every three months. they must go into court. this is that renewal. >> this has been going on for seven years. >> reporter: what we don't know if the still classified program was recently expanded but they have complained that the evidence it's likely. kirk levy of the nsa believe recording are also stored. >> then i would want the content. it's much easier to have it available even if it's six months old or a year old or
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two years old to be able to have that data to look at to confirm my suspicions. >> reporter: as part of a ten month investigation, former nsa employees told fox the allegations of widespread collection was set in place after 9/11. >> that program was a means nsa rapidly begin to turn the united states of america into the equivalent of a foreign nation for the purpose of electronic surveillance. >> it's really a turnkey situation where it can turned and be a totalitarian state pretty quickly. the capacity is being set up. >> reporter: classified court order seems to conflicted with public statements by the intelligence community. >> does the nsa collect any type of data at all on millions or hundreds of millions of americans? >> no, sir. it does not. not wittingly. there are cases where they
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could inadvertently perhaps collect but not wittingly. >> we don't hold data on u.s. citizens. let's go back to the mission that nsa does. foreign intelligence, we are focused on counterterrorism. that is our mission is to protect this country from things like 9/11. nation's intelligence chief told the journal today he stands by those comments. what i said the nsa does not go through citizens' emails. clapper indicated on he was referring to emails and they also said only when a phone number is deemed suspicious that the government goes back to the court and ask for permission to further scrutinize an individual. >> chris: thank you. opponent went on the road today to push his agenda. he is not a captive of the washington scandals. but the new nsa controversy
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followed him out of town. ed henry reports on the president trying to change the subject. >> if president obama thought a quick trip to north carolina would calm the controversies in washington. >> the middle-class has to be prospering, not just folks at the very top. >> reporter: it was all ground out by outrage from the right to left. nsa collecting the phone records of over 100 million americans. >> this is a big deal. >> republican james sensenbrener says it's government overreach because the section of law was designed to go after specific individuals under investigation. >> i would see nothing wrong with targeting the phone records of somebody who is suspected of terrorism. everybody that either sent or received a call from a verdicts phone and maybe
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the other phone providers. that was never the intent of the business record session. >> more stinging was al gore taking to twitter to rip the white house. quote, in digital era, private privacy must be a priority. >> right now i think we should just calm down and understand this isn't anything that is brand-new. >> white house officials and harry reid says it's a critical tool to fight terrorism. back in 2005 then senator obama seemed to have a less expansive few of president bush's power. >> somebody wants to know why their government has gone on fishing expedition through every personal record and library document to the books you read, phone calls you've made, the emails that you've sent, this legislation gives people no the right to
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appeal for need such a search in a court of law. no judge will hear your plea, no jury will hear your case. this is just plain wrong. >> reporter: fast forward to just two weeks ago when the president delivered a long speech on terror and made a point of declaring he was being more transparent than the bush administration. though he used the past tense when speaking of tools like expanded surveillance. >> some, like expanded surveillance, raise difficulty questions about our interests in security and values of privacy. >> reporter: president did get an important vote of confidence from mike rogers, chairman of the house intelligence committee, saying this program helped stop a terror attack in recent years but a rougher assessment from "new york times" editorial page, saying the administration has now lost all
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credibility. >> chris: ed henry, thanks for that. what appears to be the white house expanding view of legal authority has critics on both ends of the political spectrum wondering whatever happened to the self-described most transparent administration in history. jim amp tonight on whether you should be concerned about your civil liberties. >> the relations of scandals and government agencies have been coming what many see is alarming regularity. >> whoever said these things come in threes was off by several. >> increase in government snooping of all sorts, looking at your personal records, telephone records, all sorts of things that historically are considered off-limits. >> first it was revealed that the department of justice had sized the reports of associated press followed by news that email records of fox correspondent james rosen.
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on top of that now the actions by the irs to intentionally discriminate against conservative political groups. add to all that, the latest news the administration is engaging in an extremely broad use of electronic surveillance, gathering phone records of some 100 million people. >> that is sort of pervasive, untargeted drag netted surveillance that chills speech and should concern all americans. >> there might be something wrong with you if you didn't entertain that the government is running amok. >> reporter: many share that fear with more than two-thirds of voters, 68% saying they feel the government is out of control and threatening their civil liberties. while only 26% disagree. 47% of democrats agreed as did 76% of independents. a view poignantly expressed by a tea party before congress this week. >> i am a born free american woman, wife,
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mother and citizen, i'm telling my government that i forgotten your place. >> reporter: the president, however, ridiculed those that say the government is overstepping bounds. >> the attorney is just lurking around the corner -- you just reject those voices. >> reporter: he has argued they are wrong such as going after reporters. >> journalists should not be a legal risk for doing their jobs. our focus must be on on those that break the law. >> it's clearly a dissonance between the public states of president obama and what his administration does behind closed doors. >> reporter: while some fear government run amok, others can't help note the hypocrisy of top officials and one set of principles in public and while acting to undermine them in private. one late note, "washington post" is reporting a broader program, prism that taps into the servers of
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nine major internet companies collecting all sorts of data, all sorts of data, a program that appears to be much broader than what we were talking about earlier. >> chris: more on all of this with the panel. just what washington needs now -- donald trump? up next, bodily going where the irs probably won't go again. anyone have occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating? yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. live the regular life. phillips'.
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> chris: new information tonight that higher ups in the irs were behind the targeting of conservative groups. that contradicts the agency line blaming rogue workers in cincinnati. meanwhile, the tax agency is facing new fire over lavish conferences at high prices. mike emanuel has the latest from capitol hill. >> the house oversight investigation into the irs
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shifted the focus on extravagant spending at the tax collection agency. it featured a deputy irs commissioner that played mr. spock played at a lavish conference in anaheim, california. >> it's spreading across the planet like a virus. >> mr. fink, what were you thinking? >> the fact of the matter is, it's embarrassing i apologize. >> reporter: he said he watched the video a number of times ahead of time. >> i have looked at it over again, i swear i do not see the redeeming value. >> and who authorized spending $4 million on one conference? >> i didn't come aware of massive expense until much later. i did not know the expense at the time of the conference. >> reporter: but he
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answered differently that he had signed with the document with the estimated $4.3 million? >> you signed off on a routing slip. you participated in meetings understanding the costs before the conference happened. are you here claiming no responsibility at this point? >> absolutely not. i was aware of the cost when we did the estimated costs of 4.3, when we did the briefing for the two deputy commissioners. on the targeting conservative groups, they told congressional investigators that an irs lawyer in washington carter hull closely oversaw her work and said quote, i essentially was front person because i had no authority to act on applications without carter hull's influence or input. the act said she was angry when lois lerner the head
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of the irs tax exempt division was scapegoating cincinnati. i was furious, it looked like lois lerner was putting it on us. >> she pled the fifth in a congressional hearing after first trying to defend herself. transcript contradict the initial narrative. >> chris: mike, thanks for that. attorney general eric holtd ser giving himself a passing grade despite the justice department scandal of targeting journalists. he told lawmakers he is trying to do better but correspondent shannon bream reports, many on capitol hill aren't buying it. >> i hope would you agree that the american people deserve an attorney general who is completely focused on the fair and impartial administration of law of and justice and not distracted by controversies of his own making. >> eric holder taking heat from both sides.
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tough questions from senators along with a new demand from house republicans that he return to the hill on june 18th. they want him to testify under oath, again, about his role in aggressive leak investigations into the reporters' phone records and personal emails. there is conflict between what he told the house committee and what they later learned. quote, we do not believe our requests that you provide an on the record explanation with on the record testimony is extraordinary. we believe the american people deserve to hear from you directly. today he told senators that the justice department is taking a hard look at its policies regarding leak investigations and made this vow. >> the department has not prosecuted and as long as i have privilege of serving attorney general of the united states, will not prosecute any reporter for doing his or her job. >> reporter: critics say that is not the issue. today the jts department formally confirmed what has long been public knowledge, that fox's chief
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correspondent james rosen was the reporter suhd the search warrants based on allegations that he had engaged in criminal activity. despite the fact that rosen has not been prosecuted, they say the doj to identify him as a potential criminal is the real issue. >> it has a chilling effect on the first amendment. it's a very serious matter for the attorney general to say he was not aware of this when he had proved that search warrant raises additional questions. >> reporter: we reached out to the justice department with a response that he appear on the 18th but it's now likely the committee will subpoena holder if he declines. >> chris: earlier the house armed services committee approved a defense bill that blocks the president's plan to close guantanamo bay and transfer terror suspects to the u.s. measure also bars the pentagon from spending any
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money to transfer prisoners to a foreign country. bill goes to the full house this summer. still ahead, mass appeal. candidates for an open senate seat go after each other. but first, why opec is spending a lot of energy worrying about american energy. for all those who sleep too hot or too cool, for all those who sleep
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> chris: in world headlines tonight can turkey's prime minister appears to be moderating his words for anti-government protestors. seven days of demonstrations begin as environmental demonstration but went into criticism of his policies. hundreds of people set fire to barricades near the u.s. embassy. >> al-qaeda's leader is
3:24 pm
urging sunni muslims in the fight to overthrow assad and set up islamic rule. they captured a crossing point along a cease-fire line patrolled by u.n. troops. ayman al-zawahri has attending hezbollah for supporting assad. >> gasoline prices are inching up just in time for the summer driving season. national average stands at 3.63 a gallon, up ten cents from a month ago. a little less attitude from middle east oil producers. the power play is making opec running scared. >> for the first time in 16 years the u.s. produced more oil last month than it imported. thanks to that and surge in natural gas, america meets 88% of its own energy needs. highest since 1986. >> if we are able to save a
3:25 pm
course with that, opec would be finished for ever, the wizard of oz. we will have been we can watch them, i'm burning. because that is really what would happen. >> reporter: in the last five years the u.s. cut imports by 1500 barrels a day. u.s. production is booming over 25% over the same period. >> i don't think prices have fallen enough for opec to take significant action at this point. but when you look at one to four years out they will be managing surplus capacity. >> its far cry from the 1970's when "time magazine" had the world over a barrel. president nixon ordered rationing. >> we must face the fact. the shortage is permanent. >> door terrify did not
3:26 pm
foresee advances in horizontal drilling and fracking which has allowed vast supplies of domestic energy. >> now that we have unlocked oil and gas from formations around the united states, opec is so the run. they are facing the possibility they will lose a massive share. >> they will maintain an output thanks to demand from china and india but u.s. will overtaking saudi arabia by 2020 could also become energy self-sufficient. >> chris: up and down stock market was back up today. dow gained 80. s&p 500 finished ahead 14, nasdaq was up 23. chrysler is recalling about 630,000 late model vehicles a couple day after refusing to recall almost 3 million. chrysler says jeep patriots and cars from 2010 and 2012
3:27 pm
have air bag and seat belt problems. jeep wranglers have transmission fluid leaks but the automaker that concerns over fuel tanks do not demand a recall. a politician, strippers and angry rights on facebook. we'll connect dosts on the grapevine. look out washington the donald is coming.
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♪ >> chris: now from the political grapevine. don't is coming to d.c. but not to the white house. government has agreed to lease the old post office building to the trump organization saying it will, quote, save millions of taxpayer dollars while restoring a unique and important asset. trump says it's a great honor and privilege to be given the responsibility of transforming one of our country's most important land marks into what will be one of the great hotels of the world. renovation should take until 2016. the clock tower which is a tourist attraction will stay open to the public. wife of an alabama state senator is taking a public stance against strippers and other women making advances on her husband. heather mcgill wrote on the facebook page that woman that contacted and sent pictures, a local report says during the 2010 election, two strippers
3:32 pm
came to the house in the middle of the night. she says it's shame that they are so heartless that people will try to split up families. finally, chicago may increase the fine for littering from $150 all the way to $1500 even for cigarette butts. if you it willer from your car, your ride would be impounded. law is wants it stif enough, i know it's excessive but i want to get your attention. chicago city council has not voted yet on the measure. >> tom: difference between candidates for an open senate seat in massachusetts is pretty clear. what isn't clear who voters will choose. molly is tracking the race in boston. >> reporter: it's to fill the seat left vacant by john kerry is setting the
3:33 pm
scene for a contentious first debate last night. >> after 37 years in d.c., welcome back to boston. >> republican candidate gabriel gomez a former navy seal, slams ed markey the head of the delegation as tax raising washington insider. markey aimed to tie gomez to conservatives. >> republican leaders and they both endorse and sent contributions to mr. gomez. >> democrats out number three to one and like prior republican candidates he distanced himself from the national g.o.p. >> if you run as george w. bush or gerald ford, you should have ran against that. >> gomez stomach zblbld there is a great opportunity we align ourselves with the right
3:34 pm
group. >> markey turned his long years in washington citing legislative accomplishments like healthcare and security. >> i could go on on and on that i am the author of many laws. >> reporter: like senator john mccain and former mayor rudy guliani. latest real clear politics average has markey up by ten points but the memory of republican scott brown upset win more than three years ago to take the late senator ted kennedy's seat is still refresh and democrats are not taking any chances. >> they confirmed reports that president obama will travel to massachusetts to campaign for markey. time is short. there is just two debates and a little more two weeks ago until election day on june 25th. >> chris: thanks for that. >> new jersey governor chris christie has named his attorney general to fill the senate seat that became open with the death
3:35 pm
of frank lautenberg. he will serve until a special election in november. he died on monday after almost 30 years in the senate. the parents of a dying 11-year-old child have gone to court to improve the chances of getting a lung transplant. a judge swiftly granted their request. judge said the child should be eligible for a adult donor. wednesday the same judge made a similar ruling in the case of the little girl after kathleen sebelius refused to intervening vaccine. >> regulators in maryland have shut down four affiliated abortion clinics and suspended the licenses of three doctors. one patient died at one of the facilities and lax procedures were found in all four. it comes in the recent murder conviction of an abortion doctor in philadelphia. federal government has your phone records. we'll get reaction from our fox panel when we come right back.
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♪ ♪ does the nsa collect any time of data at all on millions or hundreds of millions of americans? >> no, sir. it does not. not wittingly. there are cases where they could inadvertently perhaps collect but not wittingly.
3:40 pm
>> chris: the director of national intelligence, james clap they are april flatly denying the government collects information on millions of americans. today we learn the obama administration has been collecting phone records on almost all of us for years. let's bring in our panel. steve hayes, kirsten powers from daily beast and charles krauthammer. we have been struggling while they try to understand the nsa story, if it is new and expansion from the bush program that we started in 2006 and late today, literally in the last half-hour we have learned about a new program, "washington post" reporting that the obama administration also has a program called prism. i'll leave it to steve hayes to explain? >> it appears to be according to "the washington post" story, a program that hacks into
3:41 pm
nine internet providers broadly understood. if i read the story collectly it seems to be a content collection and analysis program which makes it different in some respects from the program, nsa program that had been discussed concerning verizon. prism as i understand it taps allows the ngsa to see into your internet activity and what exactly it is you are doing. whereas the verizon program.... >> chris: extracting photographs, emails, documents and collection logs. it doesn't explicitly say contacts -- content but it's headed in that direction. >> it certainly implies in this connection program. they have access to content. they can look for terrorists presumably by assessing content and seeing patterns in content. what is different about the nsa program, verizon
3:42 pm
program it was basically gathering meta data, three months' worth of data about phone calls, billing records and duration of calls. then, allowing using computers to go through and search for patterns in that meta data. they weren't going into the content. >> chris: if there was a red flag that was raised you had to go back to the fisa court to get permission to go into that who was contacting whom. we just literally found this out in the last half-hour or so. it's an expansion on what george w. bush was doing. >> i would say the prism program sounds certainly much more invasive than the nsa program. if you look at the nsa program to talk about what we do know or think we know,
3:43 pm
it's a program that collected this meta data and allowed the government to sift through it in such a way to identify terrorists, to go after them? >> in in that sense it's not much different substantively than the bush administration was doing. >> chris: the reaction to this has been fascinating today. it has crossed party lines. al gore tweeted this. is it just me or secret blanket surveillance obscenely outrageous? on the other hand you have senators dianne feinstein and chamblis, top democrats, called the program nothing new and briefed to congress for years. so we don't have a reaction to prism. you had some democrats upset. some republicans supporting the president and vice
3:44 pm
versa. >> i think the left didn't like it under bush. they don't like it now. that is not really surprising. i didn't have a problem with it under bush. i don't have a problem with it now as long as it is done through the fisa court which was candidate obama's position and there has to be in oversight. it can't just be done without any kind of oversight. as for gore's complaint, blanket surveillance, what kind of surveillance do you expect them to do? they don't know who the terrorists are. that is why they do the data mining to find persons. these are 'machines that is doing the data mining. oats overstating what the situation is versus people spying on your phone calls. >> chris: obama white house has been aggressively defending the practice today, but back when he was senator obama, then senator obama took a different true
3:45 pm
of all this. take a look at this. >> when i'm president one of the first things i'm going to do is call in my attorney general and say, i want you to review every executive order that has been issued by george bush, whether it relates to warrantless wiretaps or detaining people or reading emails, i want you to go through every single one one of them. if they are unconstitutional or encroaching on civil liberties we are going to overturn them. >> chris: charles, what is your take on the overall program as we've learned so far and prism, and also senator obama change of heart? >> there has been a lot of hypocrisy. he becomes commander in chief and his hair stands on hair.
3:46 pm
and people understand this is required. i'm not at all upset by what was revealed today about the phone call. it is meta information. you get "a" you have to go to a judge. "b", it's sifted by a computer looking for patterns. it's data mining. if it's finds a pattern that to see a judge again and look into the individual. that i think is reasonable. the prism sounds a lot different because it sounds as if we're not sure if it involves content. i think the word prism has a bond connotation. it's the villain on the island is working on the prism program. it's kind of spooky tone. i'm not making it up. i'm not making it up. its twin of prism. i think it's very
3:47 pm
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you have grown up hearing voices that in setsantly warn of government assuming more than some separate sinister entity at the root of all of your problems. you should reject those voices. >> i'm a born free american woman, wife mother and citizen and i'm he telling my government that you have foregotten your place. >> president obama last month at ohio state university advising students to reject warnings about government
3:51 pm
tyranny and a member of a local tea party chapter saying she experienced just that from the irs. and we are back with the panel. the massive collection of phone records may not be new but it is just in the last few weeks that we have learned about the irs targeting conservative groups, about the department of justice snapping on reporters. charles, when you put this all together is this this just the world we live in? are we getting closer to big brother? >> i think it depends on who is in office. i don't think it is a function necessarily of our new technology and all this. you can restrain yourself or you cannot. the irs scandal is not a necessary product of big government. it was a deliberate attempt to harass and hurt the conservative organizations. the way that rosen was treated, james rosen here, where they went into his e-mail with essentially false information given to a judge is targeting. so i don't attribute it to
3:52 pm
government in general. i think it has to do with administration that reviles its enemies, marginalizes them and tries to ostracize them and to consider them beyond the pale and thus the implication if you are working in the bowels of the irs in washington or in cincinnati, well, fair game. i thank one of the reasons you have had this firestorm over the nsa which i think is rather inocuous is because if you give the government the leeway for the information you have to have a mod couple of trust that it will be done openly, fairly and in a way that is even handed. once you get the impression from the irs, from the ap scandal and the other scandals and the fact that this administration stonewalls and barricades a lot on other issues like benghazi, this enyou have lost that trust and then the nsa stuff becomes
3:53 pm
really scary. >> chris: as we saw, kirsten, from the strong response when rand paul took to the senate floor for 13 hours to protest the administration's position on the use of drones, people are worry ared about government intrusive and truetive an threatening our privacy. one of the fox polls, 68% of americans believe government is out of control. kirsten, do you think this when you take all of this, the new stuff, the old stuff, all this stuff, do you see it gaining traction, a growing concern about big government and kind of a big brother? >> definitely. and i think part of it is because people feel that the obama administration, president came in and said he was going to be so transparent and everything we learn about seems to be through leaks versus him coming out and saying we need to do this because we live in a dangerous world. i think the nsa progap is totally on the up and up.
3:54 pm
most americans probably understand it. but the fact that there is this constant drip, drip, drip of the government doing things that we don't know what they are doing and we have to sort of process this and figure it out i don't think really helps them. i don't know mo how accountable these people are. they had someone at the irs that leaked the tax returns of an organization. are there other people who are going to leak our personal information? >> chris: i want to pick up on the point that charles was making. you have stuff that is a lot of people that you saw from saxby chambliss to dianne feinstein. but when it get gets tarred tah the same brush as the irs and snooping and reporters do legitimate things that might
3:55 pm
protect us take a different col. you saw in the case of the doj, the james rosen investigation those are abuses of power and it is what gives people cause when you talk about things like the nsa program. that is a potential abuse of power and if it were to be abused it would be tremendously invasive and problematic abuse of power. the nsa program at least as it relates to the verizon part of it is operating basically as it was designed. >> chris: but is there a danger of a backlash where legitimately surveillance may somehow be tarred because of the fact we had the other scandals. >> and for one reason in particular. president bush ran the government every day talking about the war on terror and the need to do everything legal to thwart the terrorist threat. president obama announced two weeks ago we are no longer under serious threat al-qaeda and yet the programs persist and in some cases broadened and
3:56 pm
expanded. >> that is it for the panel. stay tuned to see what happens when hollywood gets its hands on a washington scandal.
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these kinds of plans could save you up to thousands in out-of-pocket costs... you'll be able choose any doctor who accepts medicare patients. and you never need referrals. so don't wait. with all the good years ahead, look for the experience and commitment to go the distance with you. call now to request your free decision guide. this easy-to-understand guide will answer some of your questions, and help you find the aarp medicare supplement plan that's right for you. >> chris: finally tonight, the irs scandal is making a lot of news here in washington. turns out tv executives in hollywood have been watching and this they he think they have found a way to cash in. >> the auditions are over and contestants are ready. so you think you can dance gears up for vegas where they will be treated to a special performance by the irs dancers.
4:00 pm
♪ so you think you can dance irs edition only on fox. >> chris: i'm kris wallace in washington. and that is special report for tonight. see you tomorrow. this is "the fox report." tonight, another family files a lawsuit to save a child's life. another kid who needs a lung transplant. and the same judge makes another life and death decision. plus, the share everything plan? the federal government tracking every phone call you make. >> i'm a verizon customer. i don't mind verizon turning over records to the government. >> this is private information. >> i think this is absolutely repugnant. >> the nsa reportedly gathering information on more than a billion phone calls a day. >> it is everything ex-is september for the content of the conversations.


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